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customize desktop in title

Customize Did you ever dream about having a nice (and so easy touse) program to (automatically and randomly) changeyour background image, event sounds or cursors? Well,Customize is the one you should try, and k
Size: 149K
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customize image Customize Event Customize background  
Folder customize This program allow you to change any folder icon quickly and have new addones that other software dont like changing your harddrive icon changing the total folder system style and more
Size: 1500K
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change icon folder icon change icon color System Icon  
Customize Icons Replace, colorize, and export standard Windows icons, modify desktop attributes.
Size: 1.32MB
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export desktop colorize frequency Colorize Chords  
Customize My Folders Change Windows Folder Icons and Backgrounds
Size: 5MB
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customize change custom change icon choice Replace Icon  
Customize Google for IE Customize Google for IE is an Internet Explorer extension that enhances Google search results by adding extra information
Size: 110.82k
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internet Google explorer google search Search Google  
Customize Folders Customize Folder is an operating system shell extension.
Size: 1.1 MB
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change folder folder icon properties Page Extension  

customize desktop in tags

Halloween for Desktop This desktop enhancement will finally be the addition you have always wanted for your PC around Halloween.
Size: 190.5 KB
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desktop halloween enhancer pumpkin desktop mate  
Analogy Screensaver This tool is a quite interesting application that allows you to personalize the desktop.
Size: 1.6 MB
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clock screensaver screensaver clock desktop  
SSuite Galaxy Class Provides a more uncluttered desktop, cleaner looking application interfaces, and faster software interaction.
Size: 23.4 MB
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office suite suite desktop toolbar customize desktop  
Seven Remix An easy way to improve your GUI
Size: 17.9 MB
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customize shell customize desktop shell replacement  
Dynamic Karma A relaxing and interesting screensaver
Size: 210 KB
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screensaver relaxing relax relaxing screensaver  
Flower Saver One An interactive and beautiful screensaver
Size: 11 KB
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screensaver flower screensaver wallpaper customize desktop  

customize desktop in description

Crazy Desktop Crazy Desktop is a simple to use and install piece of software that gives you the ability to fully customize your desktop. With the help of this application you can customize everything, from wallpape...
Size: 112 MB
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customize desktop customizer custom wallpaper changer  
CustomSync CustomSync lets you customize your Palm Desktop HotSync settings quickly. CustomSync is a full Windows desktop application that can be used to customize Palm HotSync settings quickly. We can customize...
Size: 748.76K
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customize HotSync palm customize monitor settings  
DesktopSmart Now with this amazing tool you can customize your desktop to suit your unique expectations. You can completely clean up your old Windows XP desktop and manage it. The style and look and feel of your d...
Size: 800K
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customize desktop clean desktop manage desktop  
Desktop ZX Go beyond simple desktop themes and browser interfaces to customize your desktop to your specific needs. You will not be disappointed with this truly unique product.Requires [b]DirectX[/b].
Size: 1,800K
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desktop. desktop clenner desktop Desktop Woodpecker  
God of War: Ascension Theme God of War: Ascension Theme is based on the well-known game and allows you to customize your desktop. The theme includes 4 high-resolution wallpapers and a new logon screen. Customize your desktop wit...
Size: 2.3 MB
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Theme Game customize theme  
Desktop Sticky Note Desktop Sticky Note allows the user to: create unlimited Desktop Sticky Notes, show and hide Sticky Notes at will, customize the color of each note and customize the look and feel of each Sticky Note.
Size: 3.9 MB
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note desktop organize note sticky sticky note